About Us

Keith & Innovation Group was established in 1998 and has been expanding its business during these 10 years. In the larger office removed in 2002, a more spacious area equipped with advanced devices and bigger database is where we serve our clients to perfection. The success of Keith & Innovation Group lies in our tight cooperative team providing professional one-stop services. Our integrity and reliability eliminate unnecessary costs burdened on clients and get rid of possible errors throughout the project. The most important, clients’ overall satisfaction is the driving force to heighten our quality of works.

Our Team

The pioneer of our services team is the Customer Services Manager, who plays an important role of the communication bridge between clients and our designers, and takes care of all particulars from beginning through completion of the projects. Another key unit in the team is our Interior Designers. Their boundless creativity and professional presentations are the elements to clients’ satisfaction.

To have every project completed in the right and perfect way, we rely on our Project Team with masters of splendid workmanship and excellent techniques, supervised by our experienced Project Manager. By dint of his reliability and exceptional leadership, we ensure every project is completed ON TIME.

Business Connection

Our suppliers also gain credits. Having built up the long-term relationship with Keith & Innovation, their supplies of construction materials are in guaranteed high quality with reasonable costs.